Just a little bit about us.

Weddings are half of my business and I love doing them.
When I sit down with a couple, most of the time this is there very
first wedding in there family and really don’t know how to organize
there wedding or how they want it to flow.
So, with some work sheets, I try to create with words what they have in their minds.
We always consider the tradition in their family.
I really like to take the reins of their wedding and try to put it together for them so,
we can have a less stress and more fun wedding day.

Weddings are 90% feelings and emotions. Keeping the emotions high and love flowing really is an art form.
Upon our consultation I ask each couple to fill out a work sheet.
It is a personality profile. Usually in about 10 minutes I have the couple figured
out what personality type they are.
 ( This was taken from Gary Smalley Book called The Two Sides of Love)
This helps me when there are high stress situation to blend in with the couples personality
so we can have a less stress more fun day.
On all of our events we dress like we are part of the wedding party.
Tuxedo shirt, bow tie, tuxedo pants, nice shoes.
 We Specialize in:   

 Wedding Photography and Video:

Matt style Wedding albums
Flush mount Wedding albums
Photographic Wedding Invitation
Photographic Signature Books
Save the date Magnets
Engagement Pictures
Studio, Park and Beach
 Pre-Bridal Session

Studio on site for:
Family Portraits
Senior Pictures -  Class of 2009
Anniversary Parties  
Christmas Parties
Video Slide Show Presentation
Photographs on DVD to Music
I.D. Cards for Schools

We put all events online for your family member to order and see your event.
Call for appointment:
Don  or Joanna Veloz
(909) 887-3359    Cell (951) 315-2797
Fax 1-775-640-7423
email:  velozphotography@hotmail.com